The AAPI community has been discriminated against far longer than America cares to admit. I feel these effects.

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The more I look at hate crimes against the AAPI community in America, the less desensitized I become towards the inherit racism I face.

It’s not that I don’t recognize the problem with racism and discrimination — I acknowledge it and have an unsettling feeling at the pit of my stomach whenever I vocalize my frustrations about hate crimes. I use my voice to the best of my ability. I empathize and sympathize with communities in order to support others and I try to create spaces that allow people to feel safe when they want to speak up.

But it…

Quarantine Presents Challenges And Opportunities for Indie Artists

While there are many ways to begin creating music, some musicians start their process by isolating themselves between their bedroom walls and using alone time to begin crafting their next project. For unsigned and independent musicians, bedrooms have always been and will continue to be recording studios and main creative spaces.

The effects of the novel Coronavirus have not stopped independent musicians from creating music despite the challenges and setbacks that come with creating their own material with minimal resources. It’s significantly harder to find a place in the music industry without the help of big record labels.

According to…

Why Chelo Ferschweiler Writes During Quarantine

Chelo Ferschweiler’s bedroom walls are painted bright blue and have sticky notes haphazardly attached to them. When we spoke over Zoom, the small yellow squares caught my attention because I also keep sticky notes on my wall that contain ideas for stories and poems. I asked Ferschweiler what she’s written and she told me she jots down ideas that inspire her to write creatively. My ears perk at the mention of our shared passion — creative writing.

Ferschweiler holding her first self-published children’s book.
Ferschweiler holding her first self-published children’s book.
Ferschweiler holding her first self-published children’s book

During the seven months that quarantine has been in effect, Ferschweiler has been finding innovative ways to stay busy. Between online classes and…

Anyone who watches Hollywood films might be inclined to know that what is depicted on screen isn’t necessarily what happens in real life. “Normal” people don’t have superpowers nor will they always win the lottery and become successful business people overnight. In some ways, journalism is the same. The profession of investigating, writing, and publishing the truth has created a trope of good doers whose only mission is to put the correct story on the front page of the newspaper.

While this may not be far from the truth to real life journalists, Hollywood romanticizes journalistic integrity because they portray…

As a child, I often felt like I had to live between two identities: American and Asian.

At school, I was a regular kid trying to make friends and learn among mostly white kids. At home, I was trying to please my parents by engaging in cultural traditions, such as eating traditional food.

The hard part about feeling like I needed to live two separate identities was feeling like I needed to assimilate to the American lifestyle. I was made fun of because of the food I brought for lunch, my black hair, and my relatively smaller eyes. …

Emily Then

An avid writer, a current public relations student, and a person trying to write her way through her feelings.

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